3G Variogate Universal Safety Engineered Dog Gate,,KeeboVet Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment,KeeboVet Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment.
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3G Variogate Universal Safety Engineered Dog Gate


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Safely Secures Animals and Cargo Fits Most Station Wagons and SUV's Allows Maximum Use of Cargo Area Offers Ventilation When Vehicle is Stationary & Cargo Hatch is Open High-Quality Powder Coated Steel Construction

Product Description

MIM Safe Variogate – Transforms your cargo area into a spacious, safe and secure environment for transporting pets. When used with a cargo barrier, such as our Universal Traffic Guard, the Variogate will create a safe and secure containment area for your loved ones. Designed, engineered and produced by MIM Construction AB in Sweden, manufacturer of the world’s only Crash Tested Dog Crate – the Variocage. Adjustable, telescoping length from 32.28 inches to 51.18 inches, height from 24.40 inches to 37.79 inches, width 37.59 inches to 44.09 inches.

Seller Warranty Description

4x4 North America, Inc. warranties all of our products for Two (2) years from date of purchase. To be covered by the warranty, the defect must be an original manufacturing defect. The warranty does not cover any damage, mis-use or modifications by consumers nor does it cover damage from animals, drops, falls, impacts or accidents. MIM Safe Variocage products are not made of stainless steel but all parts are anti-rust treated. MIM Safe Variocage does not warranty the product against rust or corrosion nor are the products recommended for use in harsh environments. The manufacturer’s obligation under warranty shall be limited to replacement of defective parts or components. The warranty period starts from date of purchase. Warranty claims must be in writing and must include a copy of the original purchase receipt.